NYU is a vibrant research university, with world-renowned faculty and scholars who engage in groundbreaking human rights research, curricular innovation, and real-world problem-solving.  In spring 2017, the Robert and Helen Bernstein Institute for Human Rights at NYU Law launched an initiative to map NYU faculty and scholars engaged in human rights work to assess interest in a dedicated network for human rights initiatives across the University. As a result of the scoping process, the Institute formed the Initiative on Human Rights Innovation (IHRI) to catalyze interdisciplinary research collaboration, advance cross-disciplinary teaching and promote real world and social engagement on human rights issues.  The Institute has created the following projects in support of the IHRI:

IHRI Member
Offers, Calls to Action, & Requests

  • Seeking: Connections to faith sector
  • Seeking: Case studies regarding Business + Human Rights
  • Seeking: Members interested in sociology of online harassment
  • Seeking: Expertise in management, psychology, and communication research
  • Seeking: Expertise in web scraping and computational text anaylsis