Part-Time Faculty

As a community arts practitioner, writer, and educator Piper Anderson has dedicated her life to using the arts and education to advocate for social justice. In 2001, realizing the destructive impact of prisons and policing on her community, a 21-year-old Anderson became Blackout Arts Collective’s Lyrics on Lockdown National Tour Coordinator and directed the cultural campaign that reached more than twenty-five US communities creatively catalyzing a dialogue about the urgent need for criminal justice reform. Lyrics on Lockdown is now a course at NYU, taught by Anderson, where the mission has become to inspire the next generation of leaders to be advocates and practitioners for justice. Over the last fifteen years, Anderson has cultivated her “arts for social transformation” practice working in communities internationally. Her work integrates the arts, education, and a range of healing practices. She serves as Director of Education and Artist Development for Young Audiences New York, where she designs innovative arts education programs that enrich and enliven the learning experience for young people, preparing them to be engaged 21st century citizens. She holds a bachelor’s degree from The New School, where she was a Riggio Writing Democracy Fellow, and a Master’s in Applied Theatre from CUNY.

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